Mar 23

logoWe got our hands on a nifty and flashy coloured case from ION. ION Metal Vest is a new generation grip case. A simple snap-on back cover offers ultra-slim protection without adding bulk. Comes with a mirror protector to ensure the Multi-Touch display out from scratch.
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» Gadgets Reviewed! : ION Cases – Metal Vest

Sep 17

The readers of the magazine Stuff declared the iPhone 3G as the winner of the best gadget award of the year 2008. The magazine described the iPhone 3G as ‘ a faster, smarter version of a remarkable phone’. Last year’s winner is no stranger too as it was the iPhone 2G. The iPhone 3G won the contest compared to the Sony Playstation 3, Xbox 360, Wii Fit and B&W Zeppelin.
» iPhone 3G is Gadget of the Year

Jul 01

T-Mobile today announced that the iPhone 3G will be available in The Netherlands starting at just 1 euro for the 8 GB version with a subscription plan. Dutch T-Mobile customers can choose between three price plans starting at €29,95 a month and up to €64,95. Also included is unlimited data at a speed of 2048 kbps download and 384 kbps, free Visual Voicemail and unlimited use of T-Mobile Hotspots in The Netherlands (currently around 1,400 hotspots).
» T-Mobile Holland iPhone 3G tarif plans made public.

Jun 30

The French mobile operator Orange will sell the iPhone 3G unlocked. The 8 GB version will make you about €509 (802$ !!!!) poorer and for the 16GB iPhone 3G you will have to cough up 609€ (960$ !!!!). Belgium is expected to have to pay roughly the same, this is due to the fact that selling Sim-locked devices are illegal. The iPhone 3G will be available starting from 17th of July in France.
» Unlocked (French) Orange iPhone 3G prices revealed!

Jun 20

A chinese news paper has publicized the list with all the company’s that are making the separate iPhone 3G components. There aren’t much supprises here, as most of the components we find in the new iPhone 3G have already been used in the current first gen iPhone. One interesting fact is that these company’s will see there revenues increased substantionaly as Apple is expecting to sell more then 27million units by the end of 2009.

» iPhone 3G – Manufactor list publiced

Jun 10

AT&T has send a private document to all of it’s storeholders stating that it will be no longer possible to take a iPhone 3G home and activate if from home. The new enforcing policy will force users to sign a contract in both the Apple and AT&T stores. The number of iPhone that a customer can buy is still 3!
» New AT&T in-store activation policy for the iPhone 3G

Jun 06

According to Reuters Italy, TIM is going to announce the direct availability of the iPhone next tuesday. The source says that Telecom Italia may announce the iPhone as soon as monday. Personally i don’t think this will be the case as Steve Job’s keynote is planned at 18:00H european time. So it’s highly unlikely that TIM will be allowed to announce the 3G iPhone before Apple does it.
» iPhone available in italy on tuesday?

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