Jun 30

The French mobile operator Orange will sell the iPhone 3G unlocked. The 8 GB version will make you about €509 (802$ !!!!) poorer and for the 16GB iPhone 3G you will have to cough up 609€ (960$ !!!!). Belgium is expected to have to pay roughly the same, this is due to the fact that selling Sim-locked devices are illegal. The iPhone 3G will be available starting from 17th of July in France.

Another interesting fact is that Apple will require any user that bought a unlocked iPhone to register their IMEI number on a special list. So when you need to upgrade to a new firmware your iPhone will be automatically unlocked.

Via: iPhoneClub

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21 Responses to “Unlocked (French) Orange iPhone 3G prices revealed!”

  1. Jash Sayani Says:

    800 $ for the 8 Gig version !!! Thats seriously crazy !

    It way cheaper to pay a contract cancellation penalty ( $ 150 )

    So, 8 Gig version would cost: $ 199 + $ 20 Tax + $ 150 Contract Void charge = $ 369 ! :smile:

  2. Abakadabra Says:

    that mean that you can buy the iphone in orange shop and you can use the sim cart of germany, luxembourg etc?

  3. merlin Says:


  4. Stefan Says:

    but if you pay the contrct void charge your phone doesnt get unlocked!!

  5. iPim Says:

    get your information correct. These prices are for the iPhone without subscription. It doesn’t mean without simlock. You will have to pay an extra 100 EURO to get it unlocked. 6 months after launch the unlock will be free. That’s what French law requires.

  6. Yul Says:

    That’s not all: The price is for Orange simlocked phones without contract. If you want the phone desimlocked in the first 6 months, you must pay another 100€.

  7. Kanwar Says:

    i am from india and i am looking to buy the new iphone so io would require the unlocked version .. what would be the total cost of it… i am coming to germany next month so where shuld i buy it from france or belgium

  8. Multinova Says:

    You better buy it in belgium. It’s 100euro cheaper here then in France. Just drop me a mail when you come over, then i’ll have one ready for you (i live in Belgium)

  9. lodbroke Says:

    They request your IMEI so the next time you download an upgrade they can make sure to LOCK your phone ! Don’t think otherwise.

  10. boba Says:

    Will the Orange France or Belgium iPhone work on the Orange UK network without the need for the SIM lock to be removed?

  11. kristian Says:

    I have read, that Mobistar locks iPhones with a country simlock – only for belgian SIM cards. Source: http://iphone3g.mobistar.be/en/iphone3g.cfm at the bottom. “The device can only be used with a belgian SIM card.”

  12. beanie Says:

    can you please leave a contact possibilty, i need an unlocked iphone

  13. George Says:

    I would also like to know this? Please, someone must know

    ” boba said:
    Will the Orange France or Belgium iPhone work on the Orange UK network without the need for the SIM lock to be removed?”


  14. Vik Says:

    you forgot something very important. the new 3G iphones are not unlockable by the general public. and even if and when they are, those sold in the US won’t have special IMEI numbers so any software updates will automatically re-lock them.

  15. Vik Says:


  16. Stuart Says:

    I live in the UK but am a frequent visitor to Belgium. How much do you sell 16GB 3G iphones for. Would prefer unlocked but can get unlocked in the UK.

  17. Tia Says:

    SO… If I were to buy in Beligium, France, Germany the phones are maufactured automatically unlocked or must you request that from tmobile or orange? and where can I find a bulk seller. My whole family once 1 :D

  18. Tia Says:

    I am interested Mutinova. what is the going price in Beligium? Really, I have wwanted an unlocked 16g since Nov!

  19. Imogen Says:

    I am on Orange UK network, I would like to buy an iphone 3G… if I bought one in France, unlocked, would I be able to use it with an Orange UK contract with no problems?

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  21. Adnan Says:

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