Apr 14


NDS4iOS, a Nintendo DS emulator for iOS is available through an over-the air download. The emulator works on jailbroken and non-jailbroken iOS devices and is compatible with iOS devices running iOS 5.1.1 and above. NDS4iOS allows users to play Nintendo DS ROMs directly on their iPads and iPhones, although just like the first version of the popular GBA4iOS Game Boy emulator, NDS4iOS requires a device’s date to be set back to a prior date, specifically February 8, 2014. » NDS4iOS Nintendo DS Emulator Now Available For iPhone and iPad

Jan 29

Google has released a preview of a new developer toolkit, which makes it possible for developers to easily bring their Chrome web apps to iOS and Android. The tool is based on open-source framework Apache Cordova, which allows devs to build native apps for iOS and Android using CSS, HTML, and Javascript. » New Google Developer Tool Brings Chrome apps to iOS & Android

Jan 20

McFly informed us that he will release iPhoDroid R14 later this month. iPhoDroid transfers all the files necessary to run Android on your iPhone. This latest version comes with a Full Reset feature that will completely erase your iPhone, why we need this Full Reset feature we don’t know, maybe McFly will explain to us later. » iPhoDroid R14 To Be Released This Month [jailbreak]

Jan 12

iDemo is a tool that simplifies real-time demonstrations of iPhone apps and games. iDemo connects to your iPhone over WiFi and mirrors your iPhone screen on your desktop, in real-time – kinda like Steve Jobs during his keynote presentations. iDemo is available for Mac OS X 10.5 or higher and Windows XP Service Pack 3 or higher. » iDemo V1.1.0 Mirror Your iPhone On Your Desktop Just Like The KeyNote!

Nov 25

Android OS Bootlance iPhone
Bootlance is a free application that can be found in Cydia via the BigBoss repo. It enables you to install Android OS on your iPhone without the need of a computer. Yesterday it received an update to support the first Gen iPod Touch. » Bootlance: Install Android OS On iPod Touch

Nov 17

The i3DG can convert 2D display into a layered 3D view, thanks to the very old technique of placing a halfsilvered mirror at a 45-degree angle in front of an image. In the future i3DG can support a wide range of different applications, ranging from simple 3D videos and animations to accelerometerbased games. In the movie after the break you can see how the i3DG works, its looks pretty awesome if you ask me. » i3DG: Turns Your iDevice Into A 3D Display

Sep 20

Newton is a the first “PDA” handheld created by Apple. Apple started developing the Newton PDA back in 1987 and ended on February 27, 1998. It wasn’t that big of a success as the iPhone, but for the people that like the old school handheld feeling, you can get the Newton OS for the iPhone using the Einstein MessagePad emulator. Get the project code here. » Newton OS Running On The iPhone

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