Jan 20

McFly informed us that he will release iPhoDroid R14 later this month. iPhoDroid transfers all the files necessary to run Android on your iPhone. This latest version comes with a Full Reset feature that will completely erase your iPhone, why we need this Full Reset feature we don’t know, maybe McFly will explain to us later.

So then, iPhoDroid R14 now is a matter of embeding good resources to achieve a better performance, easy navigation and of course a maximum bugless running. And, as my workaround is a bit deep as always, I decided to remove the Launcher Pro because of some features such as widget resize does’nt work on a free version, then I moved back to a new research and labs at this time and now Im hardly trying to get this new Launcher in the video and see if its possible to get all those features without drawing off all the battery fast.

For more information check out the official iPhoDroid website.

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