Jan 28

The ultimate AV receiver for Apple enthusiasts! Charge your iPhone or iPod, listen to music complete with album art and song info, watch stored and streaming video, all in your living room with the included USB/video cable. Even use your iPhone or iPod touch as an advanced remote control with Pioneer’s exclusive (and free!) app available for download on the Apple App Store. All these features and more available right out of the box!

Nov 19

tomtom_logoTomTom released update 1.2 for their navigation application. The new version has a couple of great improvements to keep the map-database up-to-date. So the maps and POI’s have been updated. Another great new feature is the addition of Lane Assistant. » TomTom 1.2 Arrived

Nov 14

tomtom_logoUsers of TomTom’s popular iPhone navigation application will soon be able to use new advanced features in TomTom update 1.2. Last Thursday the update was submitted to Apple for approval. » TomTom Submitted Update 1.2

Oct 28

google-maps-navigation-iphone-250x148Forbes claims Google is developing a navigation system for mobile phones, and that includes the iPhone. It will work with Google Maps, an app present on the iPhone since its launch. The system will offer routes and turn-by-turn navigation. The latter is a frequently asked feature says Carolyn Penner, spokesperson of Google. » Google Planning To Come With Free Turn-By-Turn Application?

Oct 27


Navigon launched a new update for their navigation software application. MobileNavigator goes to version 1.3.0 and is meant for the Benelux and the DACH-countries. The most important update is not something you can immediately use. It is an In-App Purchase option. When you buy it, you can get live traffic information. » Navigon Updates To Version 1.3.0

Oct 17

tomtom_logoTomTom has released their first update for their navigation software application. Version 1.1 delivers some enhanced gps-technology which improves the accuracy of showing your location on the map. The update also adds a new feature called “Navigate to contact”. This feature recognizes multiple address formats, even addresses with abbreviations. Navigating to persons from your contact-list already was an option in version 1.0. TomTom 1.1 is handy but not something you really need to have. We’re still waiting for functions like traffic information. » TomTom Launches Version 1.1

Oct 16


The newest Navigon update adds two new In-App Purchase options: Traffic Live and UK Postal Codes. The update brings Navigon to version 1.3. The new software is for Europe and several regions: Benelux, British Isles, DACH, Eastern Europe, France, en Nordics. » Navigon Update Adds Traffic Live And UK Postal Codes

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