Jan 06

Apple is set to open a new retail store in China this Friday. The store spans 500 square meters over two separate floors and will open at 10 a.m. on  January 10 at the China Central Mall in the Chaoyang District of Beijing. » New Beijing Apple Store at China Central Mall Will Open This Friday

Sep 27

iPad-7 inch
The rumor goes that Apple is creating a 7-inch device which may come later this year. Its not sure if it will be a small iPad or a oversized iPod Touch. Apple is also said to be working on the second-generation iPad, but it is not expected until next year. There are multiple prototypes floating around, so its not sure what kind of device we can expect later this year. » Can We Expect A 7-inch iPad Later This Year?

Mar 08

official ipad commercial
We just told you about Steve Jobs in tux on the red carpet at the Oscars. Well now we know what he did there. He showed the first official iPad commercial. Check out the commercial after the break or go to the Apple website. » UPDATE: Steve Jobs Showed iPad Commercial During Oscars

Mar 07

iPad-no-tethering-supportSome guy from Sweden “Jezper Söderlund” wanted to know if the iPad will support tethering thru his iPhone. So he decided to email Steve Jobs to ask him. Steve Jobs also emailed back with a clear answer. » Will The iPad Support Tethering? Steve Jobs Knows And Answers

Mar 06

In a previous post we told you that it was most likely that the iPad will be launched on 26 March. Now Apple has announced the real iPad launch date, 3 April will be the date that the iPad will be available in the US and on March 12 you can pre-order via store.apple.com. » iPad Launch Not 26 March But 3 April

Mar 04

The change that the iPad will officially be available for purchase on the 26th this month is pretty big, according to a Apple store manager in California. The Apple Retail Store staff can already use the iPad on the 10th this month, so they can train and learn about the iPad. The TV commercials will be on the air on the 15th this month “in the VS only”.

» iPad Available In Store 26 March?

Feb 14

office_iPadSome time ago there was a rumour that the default search engine on the iPhone will be Bing “A search engine of Microsoft” and no longer Google. Now there is another rumour about Microsoft, this time they will bring Microsoft Office to the iPad.

Bringing Microsoft Office to the iPad could be a good deal for Apple because it could attract a lot more Business users. » Microsoft Office Coming To The iPad

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