Mar 04

The change that the iPad will officially be available for purchase on the 26th this month is pretty big, according to a Apple store manager in California. The Apple Retail Store staff can already use the iPad on the 10th this month, so they can train and learn about the iPad. The TV commercials will be on the air on the 15th this month “in the VS only”.

Earlier there where rumors that the “iPad launch” was delayed, but Apple told us that there was nothing to worry about.

The release date of the 3G-models is not known yet, but Steve Jobs told us in the Keynote that the 3G-models will be released one month after the Wifi-models, so they should arrive around end April.

One more thing: People who camp out for the iPad lauch will receive a “special gift.”

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2 Responses to “iPad Available In Store 26 March?”

  1. memory card reader Says:

    The special gift is having everyone in the store mockingly clap for you as you walk out the door with your new purchase. If it’s an option I’ll be pre-ordering mine on line and avoiding the ridiculous spectacle.

  2. Joe Says:

    This is a WASTE of fucking Money !!! Think about it very hard !!

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