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Buying a new iPhone, perhaps you are looking forward to it or you are forced to buy a new one because your current phone is broken. Whether you enjoy picking out a new iPhone or not, it is always wise to compare different models with each other, that way you can discover which one suits you!

Take a look at your current device

To compare iPhones, it is advisable to first look at what your current phone can do. How do you feel about it? Is the phone not fast enough? Too big or too small? Is the camera not good? These are all important points to check. This will help you discover what your needs are.

Important specifications

All the specifications together of course make the iPhone, but if you can not decide what to look for, the points below are important to look at: 

  • Cameras. Of course, this depends entirely on your needs, but if you do take some photos or videos with your iPhone, it’s definitely worth looking into. Some iPhones have more cameras than others, which affects the quality and sharpness of the photos. 
  • The battery, different models also have different batteries which affects how many hours your iPhone will last. Here, also look at what is important to you; can you charge your phone often? Or is it important that the battery lasts all day? 
  • Also look at the processor the iPhone has, Apple makes new processors every year that increase in number, this allows you to see at a glance which processor is newer. The newer it is, the better and faster it will be too. This ensures that you can easily run multiple apps at the same time.
  • Some final points that are important: price, size, storage space and the type of SIM card it can hold.

Where to start your search?

Comparing iPhones is easiest online, so you can take your time to look around at all the options you have. You can filter by all sorts of specifications, your budget and even by colour! This is the quickest way to find the perfect device. In addition, you will be redirected directly to the right site where you can order the iPhone. Don’t know where to start your search? Take a look at Bellen.com, where you’ll find all kinds of information on subscriptions and phones.


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