Feb 01

ipad theme for iphoneYou can’t order an iPad yet, but there are already a lot of iPad fans out there. Are you one of them? If so you can turn your iPhone into an iPad by changing the interface by following the 10 minutes video below. You need a jailbroken iPhone to install the Cydia applications needed to let your iPhone look like an iPad.

You need 8 applications to get the desired result:

1. Classics
2. Kindle [App Store]
3. Shrink [Cydia] – Icon resize
4. Winterboard [Cydia] – Theme Installer
5. ProSwitcher [Cydia] – Multitasking Application
6. NYTimes [App Store] – New York Times application
7. Simple iPad Theme [Cydia] – iPad Theme for Winterboard
8. MakeItMine [Cydia] – Shows the iPad name on the left of your iPhone

Source [RedMondPie]

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