Feb 02

steve jobs ipadAnalysts Broadpoint Amtech, made an estimate that the $499 16GB iPad costs $270.50 US to manufacture. That means a profit of $228 for every iPad Apple sells. They also estimate that Apple makes up to $446 profit for the 64GB version. » Apple’s Estimated Profit From iPad

Feb 02

iPad built in camDid you watch the latest Apple Keynote? You probably did, but did you noticed something weird? Well some of us did, when you watch the keynote, you can notice something on the iPad at minute 9:22/9:23. Its something that looks like a Built in iPad Cam. » Steve Jobs Shows iPad With Built-in Cam

Feb 01

ipad theme for iphoneYou can’t order an iPad yet, but there are already a lot of iPad fans out there. Are you one of them? If so you can turn your iPhone into an iPad by changing the interface by following the 10 minutes video below. You need a jailbroken iPhone to install the Cydia applications needed to let your iPhone look like an iPad. » Turn Your iPhone Into an iPad [Jailbreak]

Jan 29

iCC1191 ipad caseThe iPad is not on the market yet, but iLuv already created a bunch of iPad cases and screen protectors that you can order here at i-Luv.com. Prices of the iPad cases lies between $24,99 and $39,99. » iLuv: iPad Cases

Jan 29

On the Apple keynote, Steve Jobs was showing of the Browser on the iPad by loading the New York Times website. When he loaded a page on the NYT website the iPad was showing a blue Lego icon, this means that the iPad was unable to load the Flash content on that webpage. » iPad Does Not Support Flash

Jan 28

apple ipadYesterday on Apple’s keynote Steve Jobs told us about the iPad, that we can purchase in 2 months from now for only $499. We are very happy to see the iPad and we will purchase one or more as soon as Apple will release the iPad. We are especially happy with the speed of the iPad. Just take a look at this 10 minutes Hands On video (found on youtube) and the 15 minutes hands on video (from slashgear), it shows you the speed, interface and the apps that you can use on the iPad. These 2 videos gives you a good indication of the iPad. Tell us what you think about it. Will you buy one? » 2 iPad Hands On Videos

Jan 27

iPad 2Today’s Apple Media Event was all about the iTablet…erh iPad. Steve Jobs started by talking about some general information. The App Store has almost 140,000 applications and Apple’s first quarter produced a stunning $15.6 billion revenue. Steve quickly continues talking about his latest creation.

» Our Latest Creation…And We Call It The “iPad” [+ Video-link]

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