Feb 14

office_iPadSome time ago there was a rumour that the default search engine on the iPhone will be Bing “A search engine of Microsoft” and no longer Google. Now there is another rumour about Microsoft, this time they will bring Microsoft Office to the iPad.

Bringing Microsoft Office to the iPad could be a good deal for Apple because it could attract a lot more Business users.

“Yeah, it’s something that we’re looking at,” said Microsoft’s Mike Tedesco, who is the Senior Product Manager for WindowsBU. “Obviously the announcement (of the iPad) is really fresh and there’s nothing to announce or nothing that I can talk to you about today. We’ve had tablet technology forever and both Windows 7 and Windows Vista automatically detect that and you can be running your Office on there.”

Till this point Apple and Google had a good relationship but it looks like Microsoft is getting more and more involved in the Apple business.

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  1. exNewt Says:

    But I HAVE Documents To Go for the iPhone. DTG was better on Windows Mobile than the default Microsoft stuff.

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