Sep 25

sygStill searching for the right GPS navigation application? There’s a lot of choice: TomTom, Navigon, iGo and probably more. But maybe Sygic is the app you need. It reduced the European price to €59,99. And a new update came in that polished the app nicely. There seems to be no lag anymore.

Below are the new features:

  • Now with text-to-speech – voice guidance announcing the name of the next street or road
  • Choose addresses straight from your iPhone contacts and navigate to.
  • Music playback fades out smoothly so you can better hear the voice instructions.
  • Improved GPS lock, now faster than ever.
  • Smoother position display as you follow your route.
  • Increased font size of street names and information bars for improved readability.
  • No disclaimer warning message after completion of phone call.

Update the app quickly (if you own it ofcourse), to benefit from the new features. Otherwise, you might want to take a look into this app. Especially for this price. Below is a video that demonstrates the application:

Download: Sygic Mobile Maps Europe (€59,99)

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