Nov 19

tomtom_logoTomTom released update 1.2 for their navigation application. The new version has a couple of great improvements to keep the map-database up-to-date. So the maps and POI’s have been updated. Another great new feature is the addition of Lane Assistant.

The Lane Assistant is the most important change in this update. While driving on the Highway, the screen will show an image every now and then. This image shows on which side of the road you have to drive to keep following the route. This way it is harder to drive into the wrong direction.

Other smaller changes are:

  • Text to speech: the app can now read the street names and village and city names
  • iPod buttons: you can now listen to your music via the TomTom application
  • Help me: the main menu now has a button ‘Help Me’. Via this submenu it is possible to quickly navigate to a doctor, garage or shop.

The update is free for everyone who already payed for the app.

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4 Responses to “TomTom 1.2 Arrived”

  1. Joel Says:

    People have complained that there is no text to speech. Only the computer voice is text to speech…I’m sure to keep the size of the app down. However, like Navigon, they should pick one, very nice voice, and develop that. Also, I hate how the music just stops, then the voice directions are spoken, then the music resumes. Once again, they should take notes from Navigon…the music fades to about half volume, the voice is heard over it, and then the music volume returns to it’s original levels.

  2. Saryta Says:

    Descar gar juegos

  3. Mark Lanham Says:

    This update crashed my iPhone 3gb and now it the app won’t load at all. Beware.

  4. Charles Says:

    @Mark Lanham

    I work with TomTom on this app, and the problem you experienced is a rare, but known issue. While TomTom has actively worked to stop this problem from occurring at all, there is a solution for you. All you need to do is delete the app completely, and reinstall fresh from iTunes with the update. Upon re-installation, the ap should work fine. Unfortunately, you will have to reenter any previous saved information. Hope that helps you, and if the problem continues, you can always call TomTom support.

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