Aug 08

We told you before about iPhoDroid, which is a automated Android OS installation for you 3G device. You will have a dual-boot iPhone which will let you choose if you would like to run Android OS or iPhone OS. Now there is a new version of iPhoDroid coming our way, iPhoDroid 0.6 R13 1Shot is even faster than the previous version and installs Android Froyo 2.2 On Your iPhone 3G including WiFi connection, which was not available in the previous releases.

Jul 31

We talked about the Parrot A.R.Drone a view times already here and here. Its a quadricopter with two build in cameras that you can control with your iDevice. There where rumors that the Parrot A.R.Drone will cost around $500, but today they announced the real price and its ready for pre-order. You can pre-order your device for $299.99 and will ship in September. The Drone can be used for augmented reality video game play like multi-player dogfights or just solo flights. » Parrot A.R.Drone Available For Pre-Order

May 31

Chris Smoak is working on a solution for playing flash on the iDevices, he calls it Smokescreen. Smokescreen is an open-source project that can convert Flash to JavaScript/HTML5 so it can be played on the iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch. You can get the code on github and will be released within the next couple weeks. At this point SmokeScreen’s performance isn’t perfect “yet” but works pretty good for basic flash files “like banners”. » SmokeScreen: View Flash Content On The iPhone

Apr 22

In the video above you can see that this guy’s iPhone is running Android. Yea that’s right, when he starts his iPhone he can choose if he would like to load iPhone OS or Android. Currently it is only available on the original iPhone and still got some bugs but, he is working on it to get it all fixed and available for the iPhone 3G and 3GS as well. Just check the video above. Would you like to give it a try, go to for all the information you need.

Mar 19

22Moo gamebone22Moo, an Australian hardware company. Has created a new version of the GameBone, the GameBone was the first iPhone controller that has been revealed back in June of 2009. Unfortunately the GameBone wasn’t a success and didn’t hit the market. Now 22Moo is pretty confident about the new version of the GameBone.

» iPhone GameBone Controller For C64 And Amiga Games

Feb 25

mobione iphone mockups on windowsIf you would like to create an iPhone app you need a Mac. But now there is MobiOne, with MobiOne you can create mockups on Windows. You can create a design of your upcoming iPhone App or website by using the simple Drag-n-Drop UI layout of MobiOne. » MobiOne: Create iPhone App & Website Mockups On Windows

Feb 21

minivmac3For all the people who like to run some old MacOS apps on their iPhone a new emulator called Mini vMac has been released into Cydia. Mini vMac has the option to load disk images and just about everything else retro for MacOS.
» Cydia – Mini vMac

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