Mar 23

logoWe got our hands on a nifty and flashy coloured case from ION. ION Metal Vest is a new generation grip case. A simple snap-on back cover offers ultra-slim protection without adding bulk. Comes with a mirror protector to ensure the Multi-Touch display out from scratch.
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First impression
We must say… at first glance, we were not that exited about the case. First of all, the gold really catched all of our attention that we almost forgot the reason why we got this cover.
After taking a quick look at the case we deciced to give it a try afterall.

Second opinion
The case is made of anodized Polycarbonate plastic and is quite solid, so you can be sure that the back of your iPhone 3G is well protected. The manufactors thought about almost everything when they created this case. They even left a whole so people can still see the nice apple logo on the back. Allthough we must say that there are some minor details that could be finetuned, which would make this cover a “nice to have”-item.

The case could use some more finishing when taking a look at the borders. if you move your finger over the border you’ll notice that the finishing touch is not that smooth as it should be.

volumeWhen looking at the side where the volume regulator is located, you’ll see that the mute-button is less reachable when it is in mute-position. The case is to close to that button, so you can reach it less easier than without the cover.

The speakers, battery-plug, headphone-plug, and “power on”-button is ,nicely kept free. So no problem in these areas or whatsoever.

frontside_clicked_mirrorcoverWhen adding the reflecting protection film the whole iPhone experience switches from male to female.
The reflection is that much, it turns your iPhone into a mirror. So, ladies… another item can be taken out of the handbag from now on. Never the less, the reflection does not really bother if the iPhone is switched on. It does take away a bit of the sharpness of the screen, but it’s not actualy disturbing the use of the iPhone.

Personaly I would prefer the Gun Metal version of this cover, because the Gold Metal is a bit to flash, but again, that’s my personal opinion :).

Some extra notes
This cover is available in Mirror Gold with Red inner color or the more business minded Gun Metal with blue inner color.
More info at : Ion Factory

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  1. anon Says:

    Full metal jacket? :)

    But why would you want to make your iPhone even bigger?

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