Mar 30

Let me first explain what Pwnage is.
Pwnage is the tool made by the iPhone Dev Team.

It’s sole purpose is to hack the iPhone/ iPod touch so you can run your own modified firmware on it.
Pwnage patches the bootloader so you can run unsigned code.
This is a very big achievment for the development community, as now, we can run anything on our precious litle iPhone or iPod touches.
So what’s so different about Pwnage and Ziphone?

Ziphone hacks and opens current firmware so we can run our installer and insert our non Apple aproved simcards.

Pwnage is a whole new ballgame. Pwnage patches the bootloader so we can run any firmware we want, we can make our own firmware with all sorts of features that apple hasn’t developed yet or never will. Pwnage will make it possible to restore these home-made firmwares via iTunes to the iPhone.

Personally i think that it won’t take long before we will see a Linux powered iPhone with this new hack.

Here’s a short video that makes this all much more clear.

The iPhone Dev Team was supposed to release the tool today, but the following messages have appeared on their website.

The expected release of the Mac OS X version of ???PwnageTool??? has been delayed until sometime next week.

Legal enquiries were made to the DevTeam about the validity and legality of the contents of the tools, we would like to stress that no third-party copyrighted software will ever be released by the DevTeam.

Also, initial feedback from Beta testers has indicated that a few small changes and additional features should be developed.

Another major request from the Beta testers and demo viewers is that the team brings forward the release of the Windows version, with the feedback that has been received the team has decided to expedite the release of the Windows tool for a dual platform release sometime next week, iPod touch support will also be finalized.

The DevTeam would like to thank the users for being patient and wait for the upcoming release.

The video presentation that was released yesterday has been viewed over 100,000 times in 24 hours proving the overwhelming demand for the application.

To summarize :-
* Pwnage Tool Application releases _sometime_ in the next week for Mac OS X 10.4.x, 10.5.x and Windows.
* The tool contains revised logos and icons.
* PwnageTool does NOT ship with any Apple licensed software, Intellectual Property, trademarks, logos or images.
* As my Mother would say ???If you are going to be late, arrive with flowers???.

But this brings some happy news 2.

They will release the Pwnage tool simultaneously for Mac, Windoze and for the iPod touch.

Some screens :

All that is left now, are restless nights :)



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