Sep 01

WinPwn has been released yesterday evening. Beta 2 brings mainly bug fixes. It resolves a problem where WinPwn crashes and it also fxes a bug with the creation of a IPSW for the first gen iPhone. How to upgrade? Just click the pineapple and select check for upgrades to upgrade!
» WinPwn 2.5 beta 2 released (WinPwn

Jul 30

CMW, the creator of WinPwn, has posted another entry on on WinPwn’s homepage. This time giving us some info about the upcoming WinPwn 2.5. It states it will be much easier to use and will help people having issues. Full entry inside. » WinPwn 2.5 available soon

Jul 21

The iPhoneDev Team have released version 2.0.1 of their brand new PwnageTool that supports the 2.0 firmware. I will post the bug fixes from their blog. » PwnageTool 2.0.1 released; a few bug fixes.

Jun 25

Gizmodo is reporting from inside cupertino. It appears that firmware 2.0 might be ready to be gold master this friday. Golden Master means that it would be the final firmware. The one we will be seeing before or on 11th of July. This could be true as developers will need to have the firmware before it is finally released. Pwn anyone?

Apr 20

Rotem925 created a very cool app, iBuilder.
It let’s you create your own Firmware with all you can desire already installed :)

the official words from the developer are:

-Its a bundle builder, it will build a bundle directly from the installer,
package it so that the installer will recognize it
-It supports installer sources too

Known BUGS
There is a problem with the directory /private/var
looks like it cant load the carrier plist.

» Create your own Firmware with iBuilder

Mar 30

Let me first explain what Pwnage is.
Pwnage is the tool made by the iPhone Dev Team.

It’s sole purpose is to hack the iPhone/ iPod touch so you can run your own modified firmware on it.
Pwnage patches the bootloader so you can run unsigned code.
This is a very big achievment for the development community, as now, we can run anything on our precious litle iPhone or iPod touches.
So what’s so different about Pwnage and Ziphone?

Ziphone hacks and opens current firmware so we can run our installer and insert our non Apple aproved simcards.
» Pwnage Tool Delayed

Mar 27

We have just received news that the firmware version 1.2 may be leaked as soon as this weekend.

Normally this firmware is only available to the select few that have been approved to be a developer in Apple??™s iPhone Developer program.

There have been quite some rumors that when you install this firmware, your device may become inoperable after some time.

However, we have just learned that it??™s possible to hack the IPSW (firmware installation file) so it will not lock after the apple predefined time.
» iPhone Firmware 1.2 Leaked?