Mar 27

We have just received news that the firmware version 1.2 may be leaked as soon as this weekend.

Normally this firmware is only available to the select few that have been approved to be a developer in Apple??™s iPhone Developer program.

There have been quite some rumors that when you install this firmware, your device may become inoperable after some time.

However, we have just learned that it??™s possible to hack the IPSW (firmware installation file) so it will not lock after the apple predefined time.


The hackers have been able to do this by the use of Pwnage, an exploit found in the low levels of the iPhone/iPod touch bootloader.

One important fact that has been mentioned.
Only iPhones that are already unlocked will be able to function after the hacked 1.2 update.

I think i will receive the firmware in a couple of days, and i will let you know more then.

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