Sep 03

According to 9to5mac iOS is the third most popular platform on the internet, this came from a report of netmarketshare. iOS is actually almost six times larger than Android. Devices that are running iOS “which includes iPhone, iPad and iPod” have a market share of 1.1 percent. That puts them on the 3rd place after Windows which is number one with 91.3 percent market share and OS X with 5 percent. Android only has a marketshare of 0,2 percent. » iOS: Third Most Popular Internet Platform

May 24

Spirit was already available on Windows and Mac but p0sixninja has managed to port the Spirit Jailbreak to Linux and is available for Linux since today. Spirit for Linux can be downloaded here and is a untethered jailbreak for iPhone 3.1.3, iPad 3.2 and iPod touch 2G/3G. You need some experience with Linux because you need to fill in some commands to make it work.

Aug 26


Nokia plans to dump Symbian for Linux. This is part of a strategy to beat the iPhone, Reuters reports. Rumors say the N900 will be using Maemo Linux instead of the Symbian S60 interface and that it is part of a larger stragety that will replace Symbian on some or maybe all high-end Nokia smartphones in the near future. Next week’s Nokia World Show will probably show the first signs of this strategy.

» Nokia Wants To Beat iPhone With Linux

Mar 06

linux-iphoneLinux users have been a bit dissapointed since the release of iPhone Firmware 2.0+. Since then they have been unable to synch wirelessly. The problem is the encryption of the library database. Read on for a howto.
» Howto sync your iPhone 2.0+ with Linux

Oct 11

The guys from the iVDR-Project came up with a pretty amazing “WebApp” to control your Linux-VDR using your iPhone or iPod touch.

iVDR even comes with a pretty cool streaming client.

» iVDR – Control your (Linux)VDR via iPhone

Jul 16

Mocha VNC Lite is a new Free App Store application that allows you to remotely control your Pc or Mac or Linux from just about anywhere that you have a internet connection. The application is based upon the standard VNC.
» App Store – Mocha VNC (remote control your computers from the iPhone)

May 21

Linux Installer is a toy made by the DAVTEAM.
It’s not a new toy but today it got moved from the DAVTEAM source to the bigboss source.
As i haven’t showed it to you before, i thought let’s show it to you.
The app doesn’t actually install linux onto your iPhone, but if you wan’t to fool your friends and pretend your installing Linux on your iPhone or iPod then you can try this toy.
» Linux Installer toy

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