Mar 24

BossTool is just one of those tools you really need if you’re installing a lot of applications.

The application only has 3 options, but they make a hell of a difference.
Remember that you need the BSD subsytem to make this app work.

Let me guide you step by step:

1)Let’s start the program by tapping on the BossTool icon.


2) In the main screen you will see 3 options.

3) Let’s take Free disk space first.
What does this do?
The iPhone has 2 memory area’s. 1 for all it’s applications and 1 for the iPod functions.

The first 1 is limited to about 300mb, which is not much if you install a lot of programs and such.

The first option give’s us the possibility to move all app’s, ringtones and fonts to our main big /var partition.

Let’s press the button move.

1 thing to remember is that once you have moved, you can’t move everything back with this app.

4) The second option is the iPod wiper. Best way to explain this is to read the info you will see on your screen.
Sometimes iTunes syncs some music or videos on that you discover you cannot remove. When you try to sync them off they are not erased and you have no way short of restore to delete this tracks.
With the Wipe iPod functions, we no longer have this issue.

4) The last option (which i think you will no longer need) is the Jailbreak prep.
It will prepare a 1.1.2 iPhone for jailbreaking.


This cool app is available in the through the source see our sources page.


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