Jul 04

vWallpaper 0.92 and SkrewCommon 1.48 add a very cool new feature. vWallpaper now let’s you set videos as ringtones, much like videosTone. However this version doesn’t allow you to individually set personal videotones just yet… Another thing i noticed is the fact that you can’t run vWallPaper and VideosTone together on your iPhone. If you like skrews (free) apps like iToday and Ringtones, then i do recommend to not install VideosTone but keep using Skrew’s apps.

Skrew’s vWallPaper supports mp4 files.
1) First install Skrewcommon 1.48

2) Update the app and go to the Video Ringtones. Here you can enable your tone + download other tones.

Demo iPhone movie:Demo movie for the iPhone:

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9 Responses to “vWallpaper 0.92 & SkrewCommon 1.48 – iPhone video-ringtones”

  1. Multinova Says:

    it seems Youtube is failing me today. the first video in which i explain the full proces is still not processed by youtube. Check back a little bit later to see some decent video :)

  2. Wesley Says:

    Hey, what skin do you use on the iPhone you take these screenshots?

  3. iKID Says:

    Hi,you can explain why we can’t have Video Tone with Screws apps?.Thanks in advance Multinova

  4. TUYEN247 Says:


  5. Ahmad Kharuddin Says:

    Thanks! will check it out…

  6. jamo Says:

    hi, ive updated to this new version of vwallppr and uninstalled ifonetec app too. followed your guide above but cant for the life of me get a videotone to play…i also cant get a vwallpaperto play now either…..do you know what may be wrong?


  7. vWallpaper on it’s way to 2.0 » iPhone Apps, iPhone Breaking News, iPhone Hacks, iPhone Tips& tricks, iPhone Video » iPhoneFreakz Says:

    […] He is currently looking for beta testers but only if you are a donator and you have a good knownledge of iphone & ssh!!! You can read his post here. You can view Multinova’s most recent review of vWallpaper here. […]

  8. stardust Says:

    i have installed vedio tone application but its not seen in the settings…i have tried deleting it from the uninstaller and again instaling it but still i cant find it in the setting… please help!

  9. stardust Says:

    when i install vediotone its not seen in settings…why is it?

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