Jun 08

SkySMS has been updated to version 1.0.8. The only change i noticed are the new providers that have been added. The list is now 12Voip, FreeCall, InternetCalls, JuistVoip, LowRateVoip, SMSDiscount, Skebby Easy, Skebby Premium, VoIPBuster, CoIPCheap, VoIPDiscout, VoIPStunt, VoiceTrading, VoipRaider, VoIPWise, Zain KW, DFI, Hispeed, Orange CH, Swisscom Xtra-Zone and Vyke.

Full review can be found here.

1) Locate and install the update.

This little app is available in the Installer.app through the ispazio packaging source, see our sources page.

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4 Responses to “SkySMS 1.0.8 – Cheap iPhone sms solution”

  1. Guilherme Says:

    Lovely app, I use it with voipbuster, but it always has a bug, after I send a sms it always gives me an error, but the message arrives :lol:

  2. vtikha Says:

    Fantastic app, have it running constantly with FreeCall and never had a single problem with it. Really good job!!..apart from the receiving..but hey can’t have everything.. Well done a really good app

  3. muhamet Says:

    i leik this iphone

  4. Dave Says:

    I used to use Sky sms but now I found Jelly SMS it is much better it saves your send messages and has good phone book integration

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