Oct 08

iBlueSky is a new mindmap tool for the iPhone released in the App Store. It is optimized for capturing, summarizing and developing ideas and projects on a quick and easy way. The application has some very nice features:
» MindMap software iBlueSky – App Store

Oct 06

What may look like Excel at first glance is far from perfect. Spreadsheet shows promise though in that you could do basic calculations using some of the formulas provided (average, median, count, date, etc), and there is cut and paste as well as formatting for those who want to center certain fields or use bold or italics. However, beyond what looks like a visually stunning application, there are a few fundamental flaws that will turn off both the casual user and the advanced users. » Spreadsheet App Not Perfect, But Shows Promise

Sep 16

DataViz, the well known developer of the Documents To Go suite announced that they are readying Documents To Go for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Documents To Go let’s users edit and view Microsoft Word-, Excel- and PowerPoint-documents. Documents to go already exists for several other mobile platforms like BlackBerry, Palm, Windows Mobile and Symbian (Nokia). The normal price for DataViz is +-30$ for all the previous platforms, but Dataviz has promised to release the app for a cheaper price.
» App Store – Documents to go (edit Ms-Office documents on your iPhone)

May 29

RuBooks is a enhancment of the Books application.
Rubooks can open OC/PDF/XLS, FB2, including support to zip-archived files.
I has localization support for Russian, German, Chinese, English and Japanese.
With rubooks you can search Texts, scrool with the volucom buttons, has support for table of contents, book cover and you can virtually open any book file anywhere on your device.
Overall this app is a good improvement over the old books app :)
» RuBooks

May 11

SwapDCIM is another little tool that let’s you sync with more than one computer.

I already discussed Swaplibrary and Swapbookmarks before. Now it’s time to quickly have a look at SwapDCIM.

SwapDCIM has the same fnctionality as the other app’s but this one let’s you swap your Camera pictures.
» SwapDCIM

Apr 21

One of the most annoying things in the whole Apple iPod world, must be that you can only sync your iPhone or iPod with 1 pc or Mac.

Most of us do own multiple systems and have different music on both systems.
So what do you do? Erase your iPhone or iPod every time you need to sync ?
Noooo, use SwapLibrary instead.

The app let’s you have 2 library’s filled with Music, Video’s and Photos from different pc’s or Macs.
And it’s so easy to use..

Aint that what we all need ..
» Need to sync your iPhone/iPod touch with more than 1 computer ? Use SwapLibrary

Apr 11

Now this is a nice initiative.

Sometimes it’s a little bit hard to type fast on your iPhone keyboard. Especially the autocorrection has it’s downsides.

The guys and girls from Typingweg created a website that will help you to speed up your typing abilities on the virtual keypad.

You can try it yourself here.

It’s a really nifty online app. I saw myself improving after some lessons from 8 words to almost 16 words per minute. Ok i can type faster on my keyboard of my pc or mac, but for my iPhone this is getting much better :)

See some screenshots of how it works.

» Increase your keyboard typing speed on your iPhone or iPod Touch

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