Apr 05

We all want to backup our iPhone/iPod Touch sooner or later.

Well now we can, with TimeCapsule 0.22b1

The guys from Databinge.be released another very nice app.
With TimeCapsule you can backup almost every aspect of you iPhone/iPod Touch.

The list offers you backups of:
Address Book
Camera roll
Installer Sources
Maps Cache
Mobile Phone (call history)
Safari (bookmarks and history)
Transit’s preferences
Youtube (bookmarks)

It’s all really simple, you click on what you want to backup and tata backup created.

In the unregistered mode, you can only make 1 backup of most categories (eg contacts, sms , etc) however you can make 2 backups of Youtube and your Maps Cache.

If you are serious about backing up daily, i really recommend to buy a license from www.databinge.com.

I did find 2 little bugs :)

1: When you try to backup your Youtube for the second time, it doesn’t ad an icon.
2: When you have multiple backup’s of your maps cache, it’s only possible to reset the 2 oldest, and you can’t delete any of them.

Some little extra work for the Developers.

Now of to the howto :)

1) Install the app via your utilities category.

2) Let’s start the app and have a look at the clear button. the clear button let’s you delete any email attachments (backups that you have mailed (see further down).

3) Let’s start with your address book. You can only take 1 backup all old ones will be overwritten.

4) Let’s take the calendar now. Same goes here, only 1 backup possible untill you register.

5) Same principle goes for all other programs, so i won’t explain it all (too many screenshots to take and upload :p )
However let’s look at what you can do with your backups. I’ll take my maps cache as an ex.

the app gives you 2 options. 1 is to restore and the other is to mail yourself the backup.
I’m missing 1 option here, and that is copy your backups to a folder easily accesssible by your mac or PC.

However if you want to save your backups, you can by sftp (use fugu or winscp) the backup files to your desktop.

The directory where the backup files are on your iPhone =

Firmware 1.1.2 and below= /var/root/Library/TimeCapsule
Firmware 1.1.3 and higher= /var/mobile/Library/TimeCapsule

You can easily backup and copy those files to your desktop with WinSCP or FUGU.

One warning =
TimeCapsule should support all firmwares. However the SMS sync, SMS selective backup, and SMS contact-specific backup does not work on 1.1.3 and above.

All by all i give this 5 stars as this app can save my life.
My iPhone is being used to install and test all these apps for you guys and whithout any backups if would be scre**d :)

This little app is available in the Installer.app through the Databinge packaging source, see our sources page.


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One Response to “Backup your iPhone with TimeCapsule 0.22b1”

  1. Paul Says:


    I backed up my Adress Book (Contacts, I presume) with Time Capsule and sent it to my email address. (file “AddressBook.tar.gz” was attached)
    After upgrading and setting back to factory settings my iPhone, I synchronisized it with iTunes. During the synchronisaiton, iTunes stopped responding and I had to reboot my computer.
    All my contacts are lost!!
    Now, I try to RESTORE my contacts from “AddressBook.tar.gz”, but I don’t know how to handle. There is no “restore from email” or “restore from file (“AddressBook.tar.gz”) foreseen in the menu of TimeCapsule

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