Aug 03

The last couple of days, we have heard so much about the sms-hack from Collin Mulliner and Charlie Miller. After the appearence of OS 3.0.1 everybody thought the problem was solved. Except a duo that was also at the BlackHat conference in Las Vegas to give a presentation. Luis Miras and Zane Lackey have discovered several SMS-hacks that are not solved with iPhone OS 3.0.1.

Teammember MuscleNerd of the iPhone Dev Team saw a demonstration of the sms-hack during the conference, and concluded: “OMG 3.0.1 does not begin to fix them.”

» MuscleNerd says: “OMG 3.0.1 does not begin to fix them”

Aug 01

Apple finally responded to SMS security vulnerability. The news of the vulnerability quickly spreaded all around the world several days ago and was disclosed at Thursday’s Black Hat conference in Las Vegas. Reuters said hackers need no more then two weeks to build the software that can exploit this matter. And Apple now came with an answer. iPhone firmware 3.0.1 should close the leak. » SMS Security Vulnerability Secured With iPhone 3.0.1

Mar 06

irealsms_2-7A new version of iRealSMS has been released in Cydia. In this free update, bugfixes and new features like a blacklist have been added. Check out the full list after the break.
» Cydia – iRealSMS (Update)

Feb 20

bitesms-deviceA new beta of BiteSMS 3.1 has been released in the cydia repository of BITESMS. Version 3.1 adds a whole list of new features and fixes some bugs users reported on biteSMS 3.0. Hit the break to see the full list.
» Cydia – BiteSMS 3.1

Feb 04

bitesms-deviceBiteSMS 3.0 has been released on beta on the official Cydia repository of BiteSMS. BiteSMS 3.0 is slowly becoming the de-facto replacement SMS stock application on your iPhone. It has a ton of features like, landscape SMS, Emoticons, links (http) recognition and so on. To top that all if you like to send cheap sms’es you can buy bunndle packs from the BiteSMS website for low rates. However, there’s a small thing that has been changed since the new release. The SMS application will no longer be free to use. Starting from 24 february 2009 you will have to pay a small fee to keep using it after your trial period has ended (20-days).
» BiteSMS 3.0 beta released. A ton of new functions! + no longer free!

Nov 17

Since yesterday there’s a new version of iRealSMS out there – for all of us who jailbroke their iPhone.

iRealSMS comes via Cydia and offers a landscape mode for “everything SMS”, meaning that you can’t only use the iPhone in landscape mode for typing new messages, no, you also can read your conversations with your iPhone held sideways.
» iRealSMS goes 2.0

Oct 27

With iLocalis you can control your iPhone and manage it from your computer connected to internet. You can also view where your friends are, send messages between you and your friends, be notified if one of your friends is near you and so. If your iPhone has been stolen you can track it down with the track feature or even make a remote call or SMS to see the new number if the SIM has been changed.
» Cydia – iLocalis

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