Oct 15

We already wrote a article about the app store application Geocaching. De applicatie has now been released into the App Store. GroundSpeak’s Geocaching will give you real-time access to the online database of geocaching.com.

The features:

  • You can look up travel bugs and find out their goal while out on the trail
  • Saved Items allows you to save a cache listing and navigate to it, even when you are out of network range
  • The application starts in beginner mode which only shows traditional caches. Advanced shows all types
  • To help with speed issues on, say, the Edge network, you can restrict the number of results to 5, 10, 15 or 20

Supported Devices

Groundspeak’s Geocaching Application is best supported by the iPhone 3G but it is also compatible with the iPod Touch and 1st generation iPhones.

Please note: You will need Wi-Fi access for the application to work on the iPod Touch. Also, without GPS, compass navigation will not work on the 1st generation iPhone.

Price = 7,99€, $9,99

Direct iTunes link

Geocaching.com iPhone homepage

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