Oct 15

We already wrote a article about the app store application Geocaching. De applicatie has now been released into the App Store. GroundSpeak’s Geocaching will give you real-time access to the online database of geocaching.com.
» App Store – Geocaching.com released Geocaching

Oct 05

The web administrator from the website geocaching.com submitted the first geocaching application for the iPhone to Apple. Depending on how quickly they get around to reviewing the application, we should see it in the App Store within two weeks. The cost of the application is $9.99 and has the functionality you need to look up and seek out caches using the networking and location-based features of the iPhone 3G. It also works with the iPod Touch and First Generation iPhone, though you will need WiFi for the Touch, and the compass won’t work on the first generation iPhone (naturally).
» App Store – Geocaching