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Here’s a really fun game to play.
Labyrinth takes me back to when i was a little boy.
I remember very well the time when i was with my grandmother, and every-time i asked her if i could play with the ‘shuffleback’.
But back to the present now.
The game takes full advantage of the Accelerometer, and reacts really well to any movement.

There aren’t much features, but with this kind of game it’s not needed.
However there’s 1 drawback. You can only play a couple of level’s and if you really like the game, you have to pay to unlock the rest.
The price is 7 euro, and it works by automatic veryfication.
You can order via here

The people who really like this game can either buy it, or make their own levels.
A how to can be found on the developers site.

How it works?

You start the game.
The following options are available.
Calibrate and set the game time limit.

See the screenshots for more.


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  1. Steve Says:

    I prefer Wooden Labyrinth 3d. Much better graphics, and really cool features/interface.

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