Mar 25

Bird Zapper!, is “after a delay” now available worldwide for $0.99 on Apple’s App Store. NAMCO BANDAI Games America Inc., a leading global publisher and developer of interactive content, today announced the launch of Bird Zapper!™, the newest iPhone™, iPad™ and iPod touch™ title.  Developed by NAMCO BANDAI Games’ Romanian Studio, NAMCO BANDAI Networks Romania s.r.l., this title sparks the beginning of the company’s 2011 entry into completely new properties.  As a universal app, the game is available for $0.99.  To build on the accessibility of Bird Zapper!™, the game will also be available on Android later this Spring.

In this addicting Match-3 title, players help Skippy the Squirrel zap pesky birds that have hijacked the power lines, causing a power outage in his comfortable home.  Swiping the same-colored birds with voltage as they line up will cause them to be zapped and disappear.  Bird Zapper! is an addictive, cute game with three different game modes:

·         Survival – Swipe quickly before the power meter gets too low
·         Blitz – Obtain the highest score in 60 seconds
·         Zen – No time limits or score

Special attacks help Skippy freeze, target and bomb the birds to clear them from the power lines.  Players can share their progress among friends with Game Center Achievements.

“It’s important that we focus heavily on brand new IPs that will intrigue a broader audience,” said Carlson Choi, vice president of Marketing, NAMCO BANDAI Games America.  “With Bird Zapper!, we wanted to take advantage of the user-friendly capabilities the portable gaming platform provides so that anyone that owns an iOS or Android device can easily pick up the game and become addicted.”

Download Bird Zapper! in the App Store for $0,99.

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