Jul 30

As any Apple fan, iPhone or iPad owner fully understands, the app store has grown to an incredible size, and is filled with thousands and thousands of brilliant apps. Naturally, this is a wonderful (and ongoing) development for Apple users – however, at times apps seem to come out so quickly it’s hard to keep track of what’s new, and what’s hot! So here are 10 particularly hot apps during the summer of 2013.

The app version of the popular website, IFTTT (If This, Then That) automates your Internet experience by creating “recipes” for activity. For example, you can set it up like so: If THIS (you are tagged in a Facebook photo) then THAT(send the photo to your Dropbox file).

2. Vine
The video version of social networking, Vine offers you the ability to take and share 6-second videos with friends.

3. Cooking Basics
This is an expensive app ($7.99), but functions as an incredibly detailed cookbook. From basic techniques and instructions for beginners, to a book’s worth of recipes, this is the app version of the book “How To Cook Everything.”

4. Grid
This is an advanced organization app that basically allows you to keep track of notes and ideas in whatever way makes most sense to you. Notes, pictures, contacts, etc. can come together within a Grid.

5. Readability
Generally the most popular “reader” app, it pulls articles from online and puts them into simpler formats for reading. Plus, once you’ve pulled the articles, you can read them later with or without Internet connection.

6. Slots – Titan’s Way
These days, millions are playing real money gambling games online, at http://casino.betfair.com and various other sites. This app brings the casino experience to your phone, with an entertaining, graphics-filled slot machine app that won’t cost you money, but will keep you entertained.

7. Spotify
This has been a popular app for some time now, and is increasingly people’s favorite source for mobile music. With a Spotify subscription, you can listen to any music you want, and make playlists for later.

8. Thunderspace
This app creates a virtual thunderstorm for the sake of relaxation. Many find rain and thunder soothing, and with Thunderspace you can enjoy the effects of lighting flashes and the sounds of storms in your room.

9. Camera+
There are a lot of advanced photo editing apps out there, but Camera+ is ideal for the casual user. With easy-to-use features, this app essentially upgrades your phone’s basic camera.

10. Candy Crush Saga
One of the most popular mobile games of all time, this is basically a candy-themed, enhanced version of Bejeweled. Line up candy to crush and burst your way through grids and levels.

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