Jun 10

During the WWDC 2013 keynote Apple gave a preview of the next version of Mac OS X. Craig Federighi showed the biggest new features of the latest version of the desktop operating system. It’s not called OS X Sea Lion as Craig joked, but OS X Mavericks. Click on the link below to read more.

Finder Tabs

Finder now show Safari-esque tabs and can drag content across tabs. Just like many other apps Finder goes full screen as well. It merges multiple Finder windows into one window with tabs. You can also drag and drop between tabs.


OS X Mavericks brings tagging to the Mac. In addition to a photo’s location and name, you can tag it. Does goes for documents as well. It’ll appear right in the Finder sidebar. You can tag things wherever they are. The different tags will show up on the sidebar in Finder.

Multiple Displays

Mavericks will also provide users with some new power user features like Multiple Displays. You can set up your dock to show up on any screen you want. It’s easy to get your menus across multiple displays. And when an app goes full screen, the desktop on your other display will not mess up. And if you have an AirPlay connected HDTV, it can act as a full-powered HD display.


When it comes to saving battery life, there’s always room for enhancements. Craig talked about two ways to save battery life.

Timer Coalescing: When you look at battery life, the real factor that software has the most influence over is CPU activity. “Intelligently align work reducing transitions between idle and work mode.” Reduces CPU utilization up to 72%.

Compressed Memory: Compresses data in memory rather than writing inactive memory to disk.


Safari gets a nice update too. There’s a clean new homepage and a new sidebar. You can browse right from your bookmarks and reading list. There’s also a feature called ‘Shared Links’. This allows you to see links posted by people you’re following on Twitter en LinkedIn. Apple also worked on additional power savings making it the most power efficient browser to date. 

iCloud Keychain

These days there are so many passwords to remember. As Craig showed, post it notes are not the way to do this. OS X Mavericks will remember all your passwords for you. It remembers website logins, wifi networks, credit card numbers etcetera. Also, your passwords will be synced across all systems. Mavericks can even suggest passwords and login for you from then on. There’s even an autofill for credit cards as well. 


The notifications get some extra features too. You can reply within notifications for emails and messages. You can also delete emails from notifications. Push notifications sent to iOS devices can be sent to the Mac as well. And apps update automatically in the background. 


Calendar on the Mac has been redesigned with a flat redesign. “No virtual cows were harmed in the making of this UI. We’ll be adding that to our environmental checklist.”


As predicted Maps will be available on the Mac. The app offers detailed street maps, 3D and flyover data, turn by turn directions, info cards and many POI’s. You can set up a route from A to B and send it directly to your iPhone. Developers will be able to use special API’s to integrate Maps into their apps. 


Lastly, iBooks will arrive on Macs. It takes advantage of the 1.8 million ebooks on the Mac. You can make notes, scroll through pages, watch graphical table of contents, select another chapter, watch a video and play with the interactive items. 

The developer preview will be available today. For everyone else, the final release will come out this Fall. Prices have not yet been announced.

For more information about OS X Mavericks check out the Apple website

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