Nov 20

Facebook starts rolling out a new feature “called Photo Sync”, it automatically uploads all photos taken on the iPhone to a private photo album on Facebook. Facebook explains: “Photo syncing lets you save the photos on your phone to Facebook privately, then choose which ones to share.

For a better understanding of this new feature, TechCrunch explains how it works:

Here’s how Facebook Photo Sync works, at least for those lucky enough to be in the test. You go to the Photos app in the Facebook For iOS app’s sidebar navigation or the photos section of your Timeline and scroll to the bottom. There you may find an option to check out Photo Sync and then enable it, as seen in this photo sent in by tipster YoloFahad (an Instagrammer-extraordinaire).

Facebook will then automatically upload photos you shoot to an unpublished album only you can see. From there you can authorize which photos you want posted.

For more information, check out the Facebook Photo Syncing page here.

Source [MacRumors]

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