Apr 23

uShow must be one of the most anticipated apps we are all waiting for.
Now what does uShow do?
It’s going to be the Video-recording app.
Some features included but are not limited to:
1 button video recording!
1 button to save!
and 1 button to upload to your favorite community?
You will be able to upload to flickr, youtube, myspacetv, facebook, photobucket and mail the video.
» Record video on your iPhone with Ushow

Apr 05

We all want to backup our iPhone/iPod Touch sooner or later.

Well now we can, with TimeCapsule 0.22b1

The guys from Databinge.be released another very nice app.
With TimeCapsule you can backup almost every aspect of you iPhone/iPod Touch.

» Backup your iPhone with TimeCapsule 0.22b1

Mar 25

By now we have all heared about the iBand group.

They use iPhone applications to produce some nice sounding songs. I must admit that they are still very experimental,
but i do think they sound good!.

They have released a new song + video and a new contest.

What is the contest about?

What makes you feel alive? Post it on our website!*

It can be something you do every day or something completely new or
different that you always wanted to do, but never tried.

It??™s not about being better, higher, wilder –
» iBand music + movies + contest.

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