Mar 04

xgps1A couple of days ago Xpgs 1.2 was finally released in Cydia. A lot of new features have been added. Most of them have been posted previously. One thing which hasn’t been mentioned is a new way to create itinerary called Routes managerĀ. Using this function you can compute and save routes for offline use. It let you choose places and addresses as starting and ending point. Please notice that there is currently no support for routes with more than one starting and one ending points. It’s due to a Google limitation and we are working on it.
» Cydia – Xgps 1.2 released (Voice guided iPhone GPS)

Feb 23

projecthysteriaHysteria Project is a upcoming game for the iPhone soon to be released in the App Store by developer Bylkypix. Hysteria Project aims to be a horror game that will resemble the blair witch project.
» App Store – Hysteria project preview