Feb 25

WSJ reported that Park Chan-wook, one of South Korea’s best directors, gets lots of attention when he introduces a new movie. This is because of a 30-minute short called “Paranmanjang,” which is Korean for “Ups and Downs.” shot with the iPhone 4. “From hunting for a film location, shooting auditions, to doing a documentary on the filming process, everything was shot with the iPhone 4,” Mr. Park said after the screening. “We went through all the same film-making processes except that the camera was small.”. » FilmMaker Park Chan-wook Created Movie With iPhone 4 Only

Jun 12

I came across this new article from Walt Mossberg, the well known personal technologist column writer from the Wall Street Journal. Normally i wouldn’t post this as it’s not really iPhone 3G related, but it’s funny that Walt Mossberg names the iPhone 31 times in a review for the Samsung Instinc (that he only names about 19 times :))
» Walt Mossberg reviews the Instinct or is it the iPhone 3G?