May 05

Cmw released an update to his WinPwn beta.
It’s now possible to upload firmware 2.0 with winpwn.
The official notes from the developer are:

This release is not disabled in anyway. I no longer use QEMU and You will see some new features and will notice that it takes < 60 seconds to build and IPSW (at least on my machine). I have had reports that it has issues with Ipod 2.0225C but other then that it should work perfectly. If you find a bug please email me ( ). This was built as a Debug bin and no code obfuscation was used. I will release full sources after we finish more beta tests

I would also like to note that this release would not be possible without the work of Squpix and Planetbeing who have helped develop and test winpwn.
» WinPwn beta 2 released. updated to 99.2.19

Apr 17

See the new post here.

The beta version of WinPwn has finally been released.

for now, you can download it here or here or here.

You might also need the itunes dll’s which you can find here or here.

For now i’ll just inform you guys of the downloads.

Be carefull as this is still beta !!

The option to flash firmware 2.0 is disabled for now, but CMW has assured us that the official release, due later this week, will support the beta.

I’ll try to write a review tonight, but if you need any help, just ping me and i’ll see what i can do on short notice.

update: I decided to postpone the review as the app is still not fully usable, i know most of you are eager to start using the beta-firmware, but the truth is that WinPwn doesn’t support Fw 2.0 for now.

As Soon as CMW releases the full version i’ll write a full review about it.


Apr 16

Yes i know it feels like it’s taking ages until winPwn is released.

But ask yourself this question. Do you really want a release that hasn’t been fully tested?
I for sure don’t !!

CMS is working hard on this app, and I expect it to be ready really really soon.

In the meantime, if you have bootloader issue, please see my post about Bootneuter and if you really really need to Pwn your iPhone, you can always buy a mac :d

Apr 12

I was planning to review BootNeuter together with the release of WinPwn.
But as it still hasn’t been released due to several little bugs that the developer want’s to fix, i will go ahead and review the BootNeuter app first.

I’ve had a lot of people who ask me, what is BootNeuter and why do i need it.

First let me explain what it does.

BootNeuter let’s you switch between bootloaders (for info about bootloader and baseband go here).

So why do i want to switch bootloader? Without going into to much technical details (if you’d like, we can talk about this, just drop me a mail), for improved Google Location and improved battery life if you’re running 1.1.3 or 1.1.4.

People who are running older firmware versions, should not upgrade to the BL 4.6

Ok now that we have that out of the way, let’s discuss this neutering thing.

What is neutering your bootloader?


» Upgrade or downgrade your bootloader with BootNeuter

Apr 11

The official version is going to be out very soon, but for now you can find the beta release


Apr 05

Our friends from the Iphone-dev team, have made a new statement today.

The release of the Windows Pwnage Tool is still set to be released later this weekend.

I can’t wait for the windows version, as i no longer have a Mac :( (please donate so i can save for one :) )

They have released a screenshot in the meantime.
» Windows Pwnage Tool ready to be released this weekend.

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