Jul 12

The developer(s) of WinPwn just updated their homesite with a new message. Well i think it’s about time i update WinPwn to pwn 2.0 images on both iPhone2 & iPhone1. I can’t sign up to an at&t plan due to my 2 year tmobile contract.
» WinPwn 2.0? Needs some donating.

Jul 11

4 Installer

The blog of RIPDEV has some very interessting news regarding the upcoming installer version 4. I am fairly sure you are all excited with the newly opened App Store (just like I am). I’ve already purchased a bunch of applications (and of course, downloaded a few for free), and I must say big “thank you” to both Apple for rolling out such a system and to the developers who put a tremendous effort into creating all these applications.
» Installer v4 soon ! (fixed)

Jul 10

The iPhone dev-team is certainly up to something. If you look at their blog you can find some cryptic messages with tag lines like “Position freely!”, “Our sources are hidden…”, “West we go!” and some images that look like pointers with the iPhone and iPod touch on it. Will they release..
» iPhone dev-team up to something(pwnagetool 1.2 screen updated)

May 20

Just a quick post to let you guys all know that Winpwn officialy got to version 1.0
I’ll be updating you all with screenshots and i’ll update my WinPwn guides asap.

The changes are :
– Completely rewritten installer app that adds support for nearly every package (Including Cydia)
– You are now able to remove items from installer
– Change logos without restoring. This was requested by a LOT of people
– Various Bug fixes & features

For now you can download the version via here or here.

Thanks to iPhoneFreakz member thabigboss !

Update: It seems that the current WinPwn guides are still correct.

May 09

I have been creating absolute beginner tutorials for anyone who’s new to the iPhone.Â

Currently i have tutorials for unlocking, winpwn, jailbreaking, and jailbreak + unlock.
I plan to add a lot more, if time will allow me.
You can find the page on the right of the main screen or here.

I hope you guys enjoy these and if you have problems, just comment and i’ll try to answer asap.


May 06

This is a follow up on my previous posts of WinPwn See here .

Today i’m going to show you step by step how to create your own custom firmware with WinPwn.
» How to create your own firmware with WinPwn.(updated)

May 05

This is a tutorial not for the faint at heart.
I’m going to show you step by step how to get the firmware version 2.0 5A240d onto your iPhone with WinPwn.

Let me start by explaining what pwning is. Pwning is making your iPhone totally independence from Apple’s vision on what the iPhone (and iPod Touch) can and cannot do. Currently it will allow you to restore to a jailbroken and unlocked state, and if you can figure it out – some extra cool stuff like Installer, Cydia, and other applications. You will eventually be able to backup your entire phone and restore to a state exactly the way you like it, restore straight to jailbroken state with installer, or even potentially install other OSes like linux (see iphonelinux.org) to your phone.

Ok back to the tutorial
» How to get iphone firmware 2.0 running with WinPwn

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