Dec 17

iPad new wallpapers iOS 5.1
Apple will include four new wallpapers in the iPad version of iOS 5.1 which will most likely be released together with the iPad 3. The new wallpapers are water crashing onto a sand beach, grass blades, and two ocean wallpapers. You can download these 4 wallpapers after the break. » Download New iOS 5.1 Wallpapers

Oct 14

DNA iPhoneJust when you think everything has been invented for the iPhone, a new company shows up and shows a new original idea. And it is something you wouldn’t think of very easily. It is a wallpaper designed by the French company Helys. It’s not just any ordinary wallpaper. It is a wallpaper based on your DNA.

» iPhone Wallpaper With Your DNA Imprint

Feb 25

winterboardWe have a brief video demonstrating per-page wallpapers in an upcoming version of WinterBoard. If you’re curious, the girls in the wallpaper are from the Japanese electropop group Perfume, and the theme seen at the beginning of the video is Gradiance v3 by misecia.
» Cydia – Winterboard preview (per page wallpaper)

Dec 08

Well, by looking at the picture you can tell this is a review on a wallpaper app. This isn’t any wallpaper app, it’s special! What it does, is it shows what time of day it is. The background shows 8PM, so its evening. It goes through 8 stages every 3 hours to make up a 24 hour day. The wallpapers are amazing and the graphics are extraordinary. This is one app you will love. Instructions inside! (Note: You will need Winterboard.) » Cydia – Illuminated

Apr 20

I was thinking to write 2 separate reviews, but as the options for both programs are actually the same, i’ll just bundle them together :)

Wallpaper and collage now have the options to leave comments on wallpapers and photos.

You will have a new option to leave a comment. Which is actually pretty cool.
When first reacting to a photo or wallpaper, you will need to register. Luckily you will only have to do this on 1 app, the other takes the settings of the first app.

Both apps are getting the feel of a online community, i’m wondering what the developer is planning to do next …
» Collage 2.2 and Wallpaper 2.3

Apr 04

We all know Eric Degrange by his superb app ringtones.

Well he’s back and has a new gift for us.
It’s called rWallpaper 1.2.

What it does? You take the Wallpaper application, add automatic changing of wallpaper on a user chosen interval .. and tata you have Rwallpaper.

I”ll explain with screenshots..

» Get random wallpapers with rWallpaper 1.2

Mar 31

You just can’t find your own theme to use with summberboard?
Have a look at the following site
Iphone Theme Maker is a website where you can design your own themes.
» iPhone Theme Maker

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