Jun 03


During the WWDC 2014 event, Apple announced iOS 8. The latest version of iOS will be available this fall and comes with Messages app improvements, keyboard enhancements and access to third-party keyboards, HealthKit and more. It also shows battery usage by app, this way we can monitor the battery drain of specific apps. Check out the first iOS 8 hands-on videos after the break to find out more about the new features and improvements. » First iOS 8 Hands-On Videos Show New Features & Improvements

Sep 11

Apple has released three new videos for the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c on its YouTube channel. These videos have first been used during the Apple’s iPhone media event and are now available online. The video above introduces the colorful, lower-cost iPhone 5c, with Jony Ive explaining that Apple believes the iPhone “is an experience” the company is continuing to refine. » Apple Posts First iPhone 5s & iPhone 5c Product Videos

Mar 21

Designer Mohamed Kerroudj has posted a new iOS 7 lock screen concept video. The concept features a swipe-up action to unlock the screen similar to what is currently used to access the camera on iOS 6. Kerroudj also offers a redesigned Calendars app, Settings toggles, and Notification Center alerts. Check out the videos after the break. » New iOS 7 Concept Videos by Mohamed Kerroudj

Jun 19

Apple has posted videos of many of the WWDC 2012 developer sessions, in total there are currently 113 videos of sessions live on Apple’s developer website. Apple is also including PDF versions of the slide decks. Via [9to5mac]

Oct 12

The iPhone4S is not officially available yet but some people who pre-ordered it, got it already and they created the first hands-on videos of the new Apple handheld device and the amazing new feature Siri. If you cant wait to get your hands on your own iPhone 4S you can tease your eyes by checking out multiple videos after the break. » First iPhone 4S Hands On Videos

Jun 19

This app is not just a “filter”, it is an entirely new way to process video. Developed by the guy from the viral Soviet Montage video http://vimeo.com/14821961 (A million views in a day and top 50 most liked video on Vimeo!). This app performs real-time shadow enhancement and gives an HDR look you won’t find anywhere else. If you don’t believe it, try it and compare to normal iPhone video. » Flare For iPhone: Shoot “HDR” Videos With Your iDevice

Jun 23

Its that time of the year again, the new iPhone is arriving and we all know what that means…. thousands of unboxing videos! First Apple was supposed to ship the iPhone 4 on June 24th, a little later Apple send a email telling they will ship the iPhone on June 23rd and now there are already some “lucky” guys that received their iPhone 4 two days early on June 22nd. That means the first unboxing videos. Unfortunately for them they cant use the iPhone yet because Apple’s activation servers aren’t up and running yet. More unboxing videos after the break. » iPhone 4 Arrived! Let The Unboxing Begin!

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