May 31

A great video presentation of a 3G iPhone concept. Note that this is just a concept send in for the design contest. But everything is so smooth and hot, I just had to share it with you. Especially the way the accelerometer is being used with the icons on springboard.
Read more to view the video.

» 3G Iphone Concept

May 08

OrbLive is a new app released on the installer.
It let’s you stream all your music, video’s, pictures and live TV from anywhere in the world.
How does it work?
You need to install the server application on to your desktop (the one where all your media files are located), and you need the client app on your iPhone.
» Stream your music, video’s and more with Orblive

Apr 27

MxTube is one of my favorite apps, for a full review check this page.

The app let’s you save all youtube video’s that are available for viewing on the iPhone or iPod Touch.Â

However it has 1 limitation, it can only get the videos that are already converted to play on the iPhone. MxTubes developer knew of this problem and he started with the creation of MxTube 2.Â

MxTube 2 will let you chose to search youtube mobile (the current video’s we see), (all video’s) and on video id.Â

The app will encode the video’s that are not iPhone compatible in to the iPhone native format.Â
» MxTube development going strong

Apr 24

This must be one of the strangest woman i know..
Watch her explain why mac is bad and why and iPhone is just an iphone.
It’s hilarious


Apr 03

Happy happy joy joy,

Our friendly russian hacker team has just released the Pwnage tool.
For now they only released the Mac version but Windoze will follow shortly.

The iPhone dev team also succeded in fixing our WiFi issues.
The iPhone Wifi fix will also be incorporated into the BootNeuter application that is part of the Pwnage tool.

» Pwnage tool officialy released !!! (for mac anyway)updated

Mar 27

What if you could stream your music and video library from anywhere in the world?

Well now that’s possible with WinAmp Remote.

Winamp remote turns your pc in a audio and video streamer over the web.

Let me show you how to install this little proggy.

» Play your WinAmp library with your iPhone/iPod Touch

Mar 23

We all know it’s possible to watch the youtube video’s on your ipod via wi-fi or your edge connection.

But what little of us also know is that it’s perfectly possible to watch full google video documentaries and other movies on your iPod/Phone.

I will explain this procedure with screenshots.

» Watching Google Video on your iPhone/iPod Touch

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