Dec 31

With Skype on your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad, you can make and receive calls, and instant message anyone else on Skype, wherever they are in the world. You can also save on international calls and text messages to phones. Skype is free to download and easy to use. With the latest version, you can now call over 3G, and keep Skype running in the background. But the best new feature enables you to make video calls for free.

» Skype For iPhone 3.0 Now With Video Calls

Oct 24

iSeeU is a new gadget for the iPhone 3GS created by the South Korean company Playmass. It enables you to video chat “using fring or any other video chat application” thanks to some mirrors mounted at the top of your iPhone 3GS. By turning the mirror around you can switch between front view camera or a back view camera. You can get the iSeeU in five different colors and is available for just $25. » iSeeU Makes Video Chat For iPhone 3GS Possible

Jul 10

is a new application for the iPhone 4, its just like chat-roulette on the pc. It uses the front facing camera of the iPhone 4 to video-chat with random people all over the web. It’s the same as FaceTime and works over Wi-Fi, if you would like to chat with an other person simple swipe your finger across the screen and you will be connected to the next iChatr user. Do you think iChatr will be a hit or one big flop? One thing is for sure, you will probably see some weird people on iChatr just like you see on chat-roulette on the pc. iChatr can be downloaded for free here.

May 25

Engadget reported
that American Beauty director Sam Mendes is in the process of putting together a series of Apple commercial which will feature video chat on the next gen iPhone. Engadget said they have a trusted source, saying the commercial will include a mother and daughter talking to each other using video chat on the iPhone using the new front-facing camera.

Engadget also found some messages from actors saying they will do audition for the Apple commercials, one actress from New York is doing audition today for the “f***ing apple commercial” and is praying for a miracle. A fellow from California also reported he was “Off to a commercial audition for Apple :)”. » iPhone 4G Commercial Will Feature iChat

Dec 01


The developers of the app Fring, promised to bring video calling to their app in a future update. Today is the day that update arrived. It is now possible to make video calls with your iPhone.

» Fring Brings Video Calls To iPhone