Mar 30

What if you can Wireless Mirror your iPad 2 to your TV? Well the guys in the video above were tasked with coming up with ideas for making a client’s iPad 2 Keynote presentations go a little smoother than using a VGA adapter and 15 foot cable. This is what we came up with using (mostly) off the shelf parts. » Wireless Mirroring With An iPad 2

Jun 12

iPhone 4
According to Asia Optical Apple will release 3 million iPhone 4 devices a month. Asia Optical is the manufacturer of the front facing VGA camera and since May Apple has a order of 3 million front facing cameras a month. Apple sold 7,4 million iPhone 3GS devices in the first 3 months, so 9 million iPhone 4 devices should be enough right? » Apple Can Produce 3 Million iPhone 4 Devices A Month