May 19

iPhone OS 4.0 Beta 4 has just been released by Apple for Developers and there are already some interesting new things. According to the developer Jonah Grant it looks like Beta 4 is faster than the previous Beta’s, he also said there are 18 new wallpapers and Clock, Calculator, and Voice Memo’s is automatically in a ‘Utilities’ folder when you start the iPhone for the first time. Unfortunately iPhone 3G’s users still can’t change the wallpaper on the springboard. If there are more interesting new futures we will let you know. Screenshots after the break. » Apple Released iPhone OS 4.0 Beta 4

Oct 02

A new application is now available in Cydia called Backgrounder, which leaves applications running even after you hit the home button. Traditionally, the iPhone will terminate an application after the home button is depressed to return to the home screen. Backgrounder, as the name implies, lets applications run in the background allowing you to return to them in the future. This ability is great for applications such as MobileCase for downloading podcasts in the background while you surf Safari or check Mail, or for instant messaging applications to continue to run like BeeJive. The downside is that your battery life will be quickly depleted.
» Backgrounder Adds True Multi-Tasking

May 11

SwapDCIM is another little tool that let’s you sync with more than one computer.

I already discussed Swaplibrary and Swapbookmarks before. Now it’s time to quickly have a look at SwapDCIM.

SwapDCIM has the same fnctionality as the other app’s but this one let’s you swap your Camera pictures.
» SwapDCIM

Apr 21

One of the most annoying things in the whole Apple iPod world, must be that you can only sync your iPhone or iPod with 1 pc or Mac.

Most of us do own multiple systems and have different music on both systems.
So what do you do? Erase your iPhone or iPod every time you need to sync ?
Noooo, use SwapLibrary instead.

The app let’s you have 2 library’s filled with Music, Video’s and Photos from different pc’s or Macs.
And it’s so easy to use..

Aint that what we all need ..
» Need to sync your iPhone/iPod touch with more than 1 computer ? Use SwapLibrary