Dec 06

According to a chart posted on Apple’s App Store support page for developers, iOS 7 is installed on 74 percent of devices within 3 months after the iOS 7 release. 22 procent is still running iOS 6 and just 4 procent is running an earlier version of iOS. » App Store Usage Numbers Show iOS 7 Adoption at 74%

Nov 04

App marketing service Fiksu has made a graphic, comparing the new iPad Air adoption to previous iPad launches. It shows that the iPad Air sells way faster than other devices did the first days after the got launched. We do need to keep in mind that the 2012 launches saw staggered releases for Wi-Fi and cellular models, with cellular models shipping at least two weeks later than Wi-Fi models in the first wave of countries. » iPad Air Adoption Outpacing iPad 4 and iPad Mini Launches

Oct 13

xCubelabs created an interesting new infographic on Smartphone Usage. In this infographic they checked what we do with our Smartphone, such as app, internet and game usage. Check out the full infographic after the break. » Smartphone & Mobile App Usage [infographic]