Apr 01

There are tons of Tweet applications for the iPad but they all look similar. Crest for iPad ($1,99) will change the way we Tweet thanks to a new user interface with a timeline, a button to open up a tweet sheet, and several more advanced features like direct messaging, tweet quoting, translating and more. It looks cool and smooth but is it really that handy, the app has a plain black background with falling tiles of Twitter user profile pictures. A user taps the small icon and then that particular users tweet will popup. See video after the break. » Crest: New Way To View Tweets On Your iPad

Aug 09

twitter_iconTwitter for iPhone has just been updated to version 3.0.3. Its not really a big update, but it’s a important update for iPhone 4 users and OS 3.1.3 users because Twitter 3.0.3 fixed a view nasty bugs. For some people it was not even possible to start Twitter when you used firmware 3.1.3 and Twitter did not display correctly on the iPhone 4, those issues are now fixed. 3.0.3 did not only fixed those bugs but also added 3 new languages, German, France and Spanish.