Jun 26

Good news for tower defense fans! The iPhone version of the smash-hit game called Total Defense 3D HD is available on the App Store today. It features the same well-balanced mix of strategy, smashing gameplay coupled with a catching plot that made the iPad version of the game so popular among players all over the world. The ultimate 3D nature of the title allows rotating or zooming the camera and seeing every single object on the screen in detail. » Total Defense 3D: Tower Defense Game With Intense Action Ported To iPhone

May 26

Tower Defense Lost Earth
Earth needs resources as it expands into a new world in deep space. But there’s something—or someone—else out there…Protect Earth’s last hope in the long-awaited Tower Defense for your iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad! Leading global mobile game company Com2uS is proud to announce that their definitive tower defense title, Tower Defense: Lost Earth, is now available on the iTunes App Store! » The Definitive Tower Defense: Lost Earth Released By COM2US!

Nov 25

PopCap previewed the iPhone version of Plants vs. Zombies. The game is set to be released in the App Store in December. It’s a tower defense game for the PC and Mac that has been well received by critics and so far has sold more copies since its release earlier this year alone than any other game PopCap has published. » Preview ‘Plants VS Zombies’