Mar 01

Microsoft issued the Windows 8 Consumer Preview that everyone to download and try. Demonstrating the operating systems ability to scale from the smartphone screen all the way to high-end PCs and beyond. Windows 8 is capable of detecting up to 100 simultaneous touch events or 10 simultaneous users. Jensen Harris from Windows User Experience gives a demo of the Windows 8 Consumer Preview that you can see after the break. (above you can see a sneak peak). » Windows 8 Consumer Preview

Nov 23

If we watch the Apple commercials regarding the iPod Touch 2nd gen 1 thing is very clear. Appme promotes the iPod touch as a gaming device! A new reason for this has appeared by the guys from Handheld Games Corp. To optimize their new game TouchSport Tennis they had to compile different versions for every device.
» 2nd Gen iPodTouch more performant than iPhone

Oct 06

The iPhone Dev-Team, hard at work on the iPhone 3G unlock and the iPod Touch 2G jailbreak, have posted an entry. It’s not an unlock or a jailbreak, but it does seem to be progress. They think they may have found an exploit in the baseband, but cannot recreate it at this time. Full entry inside. » Dev Team Update (sort of)

Sep 16

Apple has started offering the Back to School promo for U.K. customers. The new promotion started today, just as the U.S. promotion ended. » Apple Back to School promo for U.K. customers

Sep 13


A jailbreak has been discovered for the iPod Touch running firmware version 2.1. It is only for the iPod Touch, and is sort of tedious, but I’ve heard it gets the job done. I personally have not tested it, due to the lack of an iPod Touch, but if you want to try, click the read more link for instructions. » iPod Touch 2.1 jailbroken

Sep 11

A recent interview with Steve Jobs conducted by CNBC covers Jobs’ views on the recent “Let’s Rock” event, along with many other questions that people have been asking concerning bugs in the iPhone firmware and Steve’s health conditions. » CNBC Video Interview with Steve Jobs

Sep 03

iLounge claims to have the demensions of the new iPod nano and iPod touch. They do somewhat match some descriptions we have been seeing. Keep reading to see the leaked demensions and a brief description. » New iPod nano and iPod touch demensions revealed?

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