May 27

Texas Poker iPhone
Texas Poker Automata Tools Pro is a complete suite of Poker tools exclusively designed for the Apple iOS platform, with a beautiful, functional, immediate and intuitive user interface expressly created to provide a smooth and familiar user experience, allowing users to rapidly input or retrieve information. It’s the ideal Poker companion even when playing Online-Poker. » Texas Poker Automata Tools Pro Available On App Store

Dec 27

EM_T_Glove_01If you don’t want to buy specially made gloves to control your iPhone with your gloves on, you can also get the new application from Cydia. The app is called “GlovePod” and enables you to control the music buttons from your lockscreen. By pressing the volume buttons and the snooze button you can go to the next song, pause or play. When you press the snooze button shortly you pause the music. Press again and the song continues playing.

» Control Your iPhone With “GlovePod” [Jailbreak]

Jun 14

Paysage-off is a new tool that will disable the accelerometer when using safari. Basically this means that when you enable paysage-off and you turn your iPhone or iPod touch, the screen will remain in portrait mode. This might be handy when you browse webpages and you are in bed.
» Paysage-off – A iPhone safari accelerometer enabler/disabler

Apr 02

One of the reasons why i loved my old nokia so much, was that it had a led light on the top.

I used that light for all sorts of things, i always wanted a cell with a function like that.

So now xx months later i bought myself a iPhone (the geek in me won the battle :) ), but the iPhone has no Flashlight ?
No it hasn’t untill somebody was thinking like me and created the little app flashlight.

Ok the light isn’t that super, but it’s enough if i need to find where to put my carkey or if i need so guide myself in the dark somewhere.

So here we go, we have our flashlight.

Let me explain via screens.


» Need light? Use flashlight for iPhone or iPod Touch