Dec 19

Ignoring mobile users is a huge mistake nowadays, no matter what kind of website you might be running. Many people not only browse the Web on their phones, but even use them as their primary surfing device. It’s becoming increasingly common to meet people who don’t even do any browsing on a computer, using the Internet on their phones exclusively.

This makes it important to ensure that your site works well on a mobile device, instead of displaying a garbled mess that’s difficult to navigate. There are many things that you can do to make a typical website more mobile-friendly and responsive, and many of them don’t require any deep expertise in web design. If you still don’t have a mobile-friendly version of your site, it’s definitely time to think about optimizing it. » 6 Steps to Optimizing a Site for Mobile Phones

Oct 17

In January last year, the European Parliament was forced to pass a new law in order to curb the dumping of electronic goods like phones and computers in landfill sites. Dumping electronic goods in landfills is extremely dangerous to our environment: the toxic chemicals inside pollute the air and groundwater supplies continuously.

From 2016, EU member states must collect 45 tonnes of e-waste for every 100 tonnes of goods put on sale during the preceding three years. Manufacturers have been instructed by law to do the best they can for the environment, by offering their own recycling advice. If you’ve got an iPhone, you’re most likely to want to get rid of it as soon as the next model arrives. This is how you can do it without adding to the e-waste problem. » Recycling Your iPhone the Eco-Friendly Way: Top Tips

Feb 25

Richard Koci Hernandez talks about his iPhoneography, techniques and some of the apps he uses, in this excellent video from . Source [FSM]

Nov 14

Siri Dictation Tips
Nuance developed Dragon Diction, which is what iPhone 4S uses to convert your speech to text. The good quality mic, coupled with the speed of the iPhone 4S makes inputting text via voice a joy… that is so long as you know how to use it correctly. This video will help you insert punctuation, quotation, symbols, and more. Never pick up your iPhone again. Type with your voice. Check out the video after the break. » Improve Siri Dictation For Better Voice Typing

Jul 28

iPad is a truly amazing device and when you jailbreak it you can see its potential for real. When you jailbreak your iPad, you set it free from the limitations imposed on it by its strict father Apple. You are able to install all third party applications on your iPad once it is jailbroken and the best part is that most of these third party applications are free to download. And if you are worrying about the legalities, rest assured, it is completely legal to unlock and jailbreak your iPad device. » iPad Jailbreak Tips [jailbreak]

Jul 24

There are many people complaining about the short batterylife of smartphones and the iPhone cannot be denied as well. Your probably someone who uses his iPhone the entire day (as most of us), but there are also several people who use the iPhone a little bit less, but still see their battery drain very fast. These people could have battery problems. The iPhone Blog wrote some tips for the users with battery problems. » Some Tips To Prevent Fast Battery Drainage

Oct 02

I have noticed a few other new features in the latest iPhone firmware 2.1. Here are the most profound changes and tips that you can have in the latest firmware :
» iPhone firmware changes