Jul 08

itunesTwo days ago Apple responded to the iTunes-Account hack and now they are saying only 400 account where hacked and have been used to purchase Thuat Nguyen’s book apps. “That is less than 0.0003 percent of iTunes users” Apple also said the iTunes servers were not compromised and they have implemented a new security measure in the iTunes Store to prevent such problems in the future.

If you are one of the victims and you want your money back you need to contact your financial institution Apple said. Because Apple will not give your money back. » Apple: Only 400 iTunes Accounts Hacked

Jul 06

Two days ago I told you about the developer Thuat Nguyen from Vietnam. He made some book applications for the iPhone that where getting very popular, while at the same moment users where reporting that their iTunes account has been hacked and purchased some of Thuat Nguyen’s book apps. Apple responded today, saying they removed Thuat Nguyen’s applications from the App Store and advised us to change our iTunes password.

Jul 04

There is something fishy going on in the App Store. Multiple iTunes users are reporting that their iTunes account has been hacked and that their account has been used to purchase some Vietnamese book apps “all from the same developer”.

As of this writing, 42 of the top 50 books by revenue are from the seller Thuat Nguyen, whose company website (“mycompany”) leads to parked site www.home.com. […] a number of people [are] reporting up to hundreds of dollars being spent unwillingly from their account to these specific books. Coincidence? Let’s not mince words here, something is definitely amiss, and it’s not looking good. Just to be safe, might wanna check your purchase history under Apple Account information. We’ve reached out to Apple and will let you know as soon as we hear back.

9to5Mac reported that the “mycompany” apps have been pulled from the iTunes App Store. Check your iTunes history to see if your account is save. » iTunes Accounts Got Hacked